Charlie is a guy who loves the forest, wants to help nature, and smokes delicious pork products to make that happen.

Around our area, the beautiful longleaf pine forest is being disrupted by the rooting of wild pigs. Our solution is a humane trapping program to harvest the wild boar, restore forest ecology, and make smoked meat products to drive the initiative.

Try our original flavor!

Try our original flavor!

Our founder, Charlie Munford

Our founder, Charlie Munford

We're Smokin' for a Change

At Charlie’s we hope you will enjoy grilling and cooking, and enjoy the outdoors. It’s here for all of us, it’s beautiful, and it’s free. We are also hoping you don’t get too worked up about the politics of the outdoors. Know what I mean? Stressful. Just kick it with a beer and a link of sausage, and then go fishing or something.

Our key ingredient is wild boar, and our key products are smoked sausage. We formulated and perfected our sausage at our farm and plant in Springfield, LA, with an innovative smokehouse we designed and built ourselves out of stainless steel. Now we also produce our sausage with other partner plants, but we always make sure that it is slow-smoked and meets our demanding recipe standards. 

Whether you are a redneck or a hippie, we try to be ok with you. Charlie himself is kinda both. The Willie Nelson of sausage. We would like to celebrate rather than challenge traditional Southern crafts and values, like hunting wild boar, farming, forestry, and smoking meat. 



Two Run Farm

Two Run Farm is a small farm company dedicated to producing the best artisanal meat products in New Orleans, including Charlie’s Wild Boar Smoked Sausage, Wayne Jacobs smokehouse products, and our line of locally grown and harvested Louisiana wild boar and domestic pork primal cuts.

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Where To Buy Charlie's Sausage

Charlie's sausage is available at many fine stores and groceries all over South Louisiana! 

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Our History

We started as a local vegetable and flower vendor in our hometown farmers market. Read about our mission, story and founder.

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